Best 5 Moen Garbage Disposals

Power 1/3 HP, 1900RPM 1/2 HP, 2600RPM 1/2 HP, 2600RPM 3/4 HP, 2700RPM 01 HP, 2800RPM
Size 7.75lbs, 13-3/8” height, 5-1/2” width 8.50 lbs, 13-3/8” height, 5-1/2” width 9.25 lbs, 13-3/8” height, 7-1/2” width 12.00 lbs, 14-3/8” height, 7-1/2” width 13.00 lbs, 16” height, 7-1/2” width
Feed Type Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous
Sound Seal Technology No No Yes Yes Yes
Build Quality Medium Medium Good Good Good
Warranty 2 3 4 6 7
Power Cord Included? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Moen is a leading faucet manufacturer in the USA. It was founded by Al Moen in 1937 in Seattle, its first product was a single handle faucet; a revolutionary product at that time. Today this company manufacture a wide range bathroom and kitchen products.

Moen garbage disposals are known for their attractive design and efficiency. Though they have many numbers of garbage disposals I have chosen just 5 because most others are slight variations of these 5.

So here are our contenders;

Reviews of Moen Garbage Disposals

1. Moen GXP33C GX PRO Review

GXP33C GX PRO is the least powerful garbage disposal by Moen. This is powered by a 1/3HP vortex motor which runs at 1900 RPM. While the RPM is the slowest among my other 4 picks this indeed is faster than all disposals by InSinkErator, which is most probably the reason why the manufacturer calls it a high-speed motor. It is smaller in size with dimensions 13-3/8"x5-1/2" and weighs only 7.75lbs. (PS: the given dimensions in Amazon are wrong at the time of writing this )

This is a continuous feed type disposal. Noise insulation is least among other products, most probably since it is much cheaper. Its grinding components are made of galvanized steel which is corrosion resistant. It comes with a limited warranty of 2 years. And yes, it comes with a pre-installed power cord.

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2. Moen GXP50C GX PRO Review

The GXP50C series is very similar to the GXP33C series which I just reviewed. This one is a 1/2HP, 2600 RPM continuous feed type garbage disposal. It is powerful than the GXP33C model but both look almost the same and both have the exact size.

Just like the latter one this model doesn't have much noise insulation, its grinding components are made of galvanized stainless steel. The only major difference between the two models is a more powerful and faster motor. And this one also has a 1-year extra warranty.

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3. Moen GX50C Review

Moen GX50C garbage disposal is just a notch above the two previous models in terms of size, noise insulation, build quality and warranty. It is a bit wider than the previous two but it looks much bulkier owing to insulations for noise reduction. It is powered by the same 1/2HP, 2600RPM motor as in the GXP50C model. It weighs more, 9.25lbs and has dimensions 13-3/8"x7-1/2".

It uses sound seal technology for noise reduction, which makes its operation much quieter. It uses Stainless steel grinding components and its overall build quality is better than the previous products. It comes with a limited warranty of 4 years, and also a power cord.

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4. Moen GX75C GX Review

Moen GX75C GX is powered by a 3/4Hp vortex motor which runs at a speed of 2700RPM. It is bigger than the GX50C model by just 1 inch and weighs 12lbs. Its dimensions are 14-3/8” height, 7-1/2” width. This is a continuous feed type garbage disposal where food wastes are added while running the machine.

Moen GX75C GX comes with Sound Seal noise insulation technology which is same as that in the model I reviewed above. It also has good build quality and its griding components are made of stainless steel which is more durable than galvanized steel components. Like all other garbage disposals by Moen it comes with a preinstalled power cord. This disposer is covered under 6 years of limited warranty.

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5. Moen GX100C GX Review

The Moen GX100C GX is powered by a 1HP motor running at 2800RPM. This is a very high-speed motor and the most powerful of our 5 choices. The high-speed movement of the blades reduce jamming, that is the reason Moen is using high-speed motors for its garbage disposals. It is also the heaviest in our selection, weighing 13lbs, and also the biggest with dimensions 16” height, 7-1/2” width. This is a continuous feed type disposal.

Like the two previous models above the GX100C has good noise insulation. It also excels in build quality. It comes with a limited warranty of 7 years which is more than any other Moen disposers we reviewed.

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More features of Moen garbage disposals

There are a few common features for all garbage disposals by Moen. If I had mentioned them in the review I would have to just repeat them for each disposal which would be pretty boring for readers. So I decided to add them here as a list;

  • Universal Xpress Mount System - This is a simple twist and lock system that is compatible with most 3 bolt mounting assemblies. If you are replacing an existing disposer all you have to do is position the disposer, twist and lock.
  • Permanent magnet motor - Garbage disposals usually use two kinds of motors; induction motors and permanent magnet type ones. I am not going to technical details but permanent magnet motors are more efficient than the former. All Moen garbage disposals use high-speed permanent magnet type motors.
  • 1-1/2" drain connection - this is the standard drain size for all garbage disposals.
  • Less jamming - Since Moen garbage disposals use high-speed motors they are less likely to jam often.
  • Comes with - removable splash guard, drain elbow and mounting assembly, polished stainless drain stopper and sink flange.
  • Grinding chamber - is made of corrosion proof glass filled polyester and nylon.


Moen Garbage Disposal Installation

And for those looking for installation guidelines for a Moen garbage disposal here is a video thanks to Lourie Family Homestead;

Moen GXS75C Vs GX75C garbage disposal comparison

The GXS75C is a cheaper version of GX75C garbage disposal. Here is a short comparison;

Dimensions 10.25 lbs, 13-3/8” height, 7-1/2” width 12.00 lbs, 14-3/8” height, 7-1/2” width
Grinding components Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel
Warranty 5 years 6 years
Price Check Price Check Price

Moen GXS75C or GX75C; which is a better choice?

I often wonder why manufacturers make some of their models so similar that it is pretty confusing to choose one.

Two such models are GXS75C and GX75C. Both these models have only small differences, save warranty, which doesn't matter in a practical sense.

As you can see in the comparison table above the GXS version is 1 inch smaller in height. So the other model can grind a little bit more food wastes but since these two are continuous feed disposals the time you save might be only a few seconds.

Another difference is lightweight, which in my opinion doesn't matter either unless you plan to carry around this with you.

Quality of grinding components does matter. Stainless steel grinding components last longer than galvanized steel ones.

The GX75C model has 1 additional year warranty compared to the other. That too is a plus point.

But really! the price difference between these two models is less than 50 bucks, then why make two models instead of one?

As for which one is a better garbage disposal, definitely go for Moen GX75C.

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