Goplus Garbage Disposal Review

Goplus Garbage Disposal Review

Best GoPlus Garbage Disposal

Goplus Garbage Disposal 1.0HP 2600RPM Continuous Feed Household Kitchen Food Waste Disposer

This Goplus garbage disposal is an efficient and cheap solution to your household waste disposal. This is one of the best garbage disposals in the market considering how it is priced.

It runs on a 1 HP high-speed motor with 2600RPM. Its grinding chamber is made of high-quality plastic, and the grinding components are galvanized steel. It has decent noise insulation which is a plus point considering that most disposals at his price point don’t have any. It is compact in size with 11.8 x8.3 inches and a chamber capacity of 26 oz.

This is a chinese product and you may experience difficulty with installation. However this is a good disposal if you can get it installed right.

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