At the time of writing, this is the only disposal by Cleesink in the US market. Without doubt, they work hard to make this the best garbage disposal in its price range.

This garbage disposal comes with all kinds of features. It uses a high speed 3/4HP motor running at a speed of 2800RPM. It has pretty good chamber capacity: 47-ounce. This disposal uses a four-stage grinding system which efficiently grinds down any kind of food wastes.

The noise insulation in this disposal is pretty good, the double layer insulation keeps the noise to 15-25db. It comes with an air switch and all other standard accessories. The quick lock mounting system makes the installation a breeze. Cleesink also provides a 3-year limited warranty.

Overall this is a good disposal, it is feature rich and not so costly.

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Cleesink Garbage Disposal Installation