Waste King 9910 Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King is a very popular brand in the garbage disposal industry. InSinkErator and Waste King are the leaders in this industry. A few years ago both brands had only a handful of disposer models. But now that there is high competition both companies are coming up with new and new models. The 9910 by … Read moreWaste King 9910 Garbage Disposal Review

InSinkErator Evolution Pro 1100XL Review

Pro 1100XL is a premium garbage disposal in the Evolution series of InSinkErator. It comes with all the top of the line technologies, and an extra 0.1 horsepower than their evergreen best model; Evolution Excel. To be frank, the Pro 1100XL is one step ahead of the Evolution Excel in some aspects so I may … Read moreInSinkErator Evolution Pro 1100XL Review

Criterion garbage disposal review

Criterion is a trademarked brand owned by Menards – Link. That is why it is available only through Menard’s website. There are a few appliances including refrigerators and microwaves under the Criterion brand name. This 1.25 HP garbage disposal is the only garbage disposal unit sold under this brand. So probably that’s why it doesn’t … Read moreCriterion garbage disposal review

InSinkErator Evolution Pro880LT review

InSinkErator Pro880LT is a little more powerful version of the Pro750 garbage disposal. This model belongs to the Evolution series which is the premium range of disposers made by InSinkErator. Here is a quick overview of its specifications; Power – 7/8 HP Speed – 1725 RPM Noise levels – Quieter Grinding stages – 2-stage grinding … Read moreInSinkErator Evolution Pro880LT review

Badger 1HP Garbage Disposal Review

InSinkErator’s Badger series is the economic line of garbage disposals. But until recently it lacked powerful disposals. The most popular and powerful one was the Badger 5 which sported a 1/2 HP motor. The main competitor, Waste King, has many models that are more powerful and economically competitive. So I guess InSinkErator is now up … Read moreBadger 1HP Garbage Disposal Review

Best food waste disposal units for the UK-220 Volts

Food wastes disposal units are very popular in the United States but not so much in other parts of the world. Though the United Kingdom is the fifth-largest economy in the world only a tiny fraction of the houses use a garbage disposal unit. The reason why Brits aren’t into food waste disposers is that … Read moreBest food waste disposal units for the UK-220 Volts

InSinkErator Evolution Select Garbage Disposals Reviews

To be honest there are now too many models in the Evolution series by InSinkErator. There are two models called Evolution Select and Evolution Select Plus, and I am going to review and compare both here in this article so you can get a better idea before making a buying decision. Evolution Select & Select … Read moreInSinkErator Evolution Select Garbage Disposals Reviews

InSinkErator Supreme SS Garbage Disposal Review

Supreme SS is a premium garbage disposal by the famous brand InSinkErator. Being premium it comes with lots of features as well as good grinding power. Here is a quick overview of Supreme SS; Power – 1 HP Speed – 1725 RPM Grinding Stages – 3 Running noise – Quiet Feed type – Continuous feed … Read moreInSinkErator Supreme SS Garbage Disposal Review