Best InSinkErator Garbage Disposals

Best InSinkErator Garbage Disposals

InSinkErator is a household name, they manufacture a wide range of garbage disposals and they are a leading figure in the industry. The Badger series disposals by InSinkErator are known for their efficiency as well as affordability. InSinkErator is keen on adding new technologies to their products, it is the only company that uses multi-stage grinding technology in its products.

They also make the quietest garbage disposal.

It is no wonder that InSinkErator is the leading figure in garbage disposal industry considering the fact that they are the actual inventor of garbage disposals. In 1927 architect John W Hammes built the first garbage disposal.

Best InSinkErator Badger Garbage Disposals

Evolution Excel

Evolution compact garbage disposal review

Evolution Compact

Evolution essential garbage disposal review

Evolution Essential

Badger 1

Badger 5

Badger 5XP

Common Features Of All InSinkErator Garbage Disposals

Sound-seal technology

Not all InSinkErator disposals have this, only the top end models have. Sound seal technology is basically a noise insulation technology that prevents garbage disposers from being loud. This technology enables InSinkErator to come up with really quiet disposals. You can check my list of best quiet disposals for more info.

Multi-grind technology

Some top end models use more than one grinding stages, this is called multi-grind technology. This helps easy grinding of tough food wastes into very small sizes. There are 2-stage grinding systems like in Evolution Essential and 3-stage systems like in Evolution Excel. People often confuse this with having two or more sets of turntables but that’s not the case. A 3 stage grinding system means that it has two more sets of grinding components, in this case, a shearing ring along is disposal’s wall and a lug system which is similar to the cutters on the turntable.

Induction motors

All InSinkErator garbage disposals use induction motors. They are slower compared to many of those made by competitors. All of them run at a speed below 2000RPM (1725 RPM for most)

Quick lock sink mount

The mounting of InSinkErator garbage disposers are easy. They all use a Quick-Lock mounting system where you can easily lock the disposal to an existing sink mount with just a twist.

No power cords

InSinkErator garbage disposals do not come with power cords. That being said you have an option to buy a power cord separately (I have seen Amazon listings where disposals and power cords are sold together). The reason for not including power cords is they are not required if you already have a disposal, you can use the old power cord to connect the new. This saves you some money.

Non-removable splash guards

Well, they are actually removable once you disconnect the disposal from the sink but they are not removable if you try that from the sink top. This makes it difficult to change a worn out splash guard.

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