Batch Feed type Garbage Disposals - What are they?

Based on how food wastes are added garbage disposals can be divided into two types; Batch Feed type and Continuous Feed type. For a batch feed type garbage disposal, the food wastes are added in batches whereas for a continuous feed one the wastes are fed continuously while operating the machine.

A Batch feed disposal is suitable for small households which do not produce much food wastes at a time. The wastes are thrown down the disposal as per convenience and are stored there till it is filled up. Once it is full its top cover is closed and the disposer is turned on. For this type of disposals, it is not possible to add any more wastes while it is ON. Once grinding is complete you can remove the top cover and add the next batch of food wastes. This batch wise feeding is the reason why they are called batch feed type disposals.

Pros of choosing batch feed garbage disposals

1. Safety:

A batch feed type garbage disposal will work only if its top cover is closed. This means that it is impossible for any foreign objects to get into the disposal, and this completely eliminates the possibility of you sticking your hand into the disposal. This also prevents any damage caused to the impellers by accidental dropping of any kitchen utensils.

2. Low energy bills:

Since batch feed type disposals are operated only when they are filled up this eliminates the frequent use of the machine. Less use means fewer energy charges.


1. Not suitable for large households:

It will be time-consuming using a batch feed type disposal for processing large quantities of food, you will have to wait till one batch is complete to add the next one.

2. Limited models to choose from:

As compared to the batch feed type disposer, continuous feed type disposers are way too popular considering the sales graph. So naturally, there aren't many models available for batch feed type disposals.

Although Batch type garbage disposers are not as popular as the other type they are great if you don't have large quantities of food wastes to dispose of every day.

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