Batch Feed type Garbage Disposals - What are they?

Garbage disposers are one of the most demandable products in the market these days. Getting updated with the technology is a trend these days. As days pass by we are trying to unload our stress onto the gadgets to make time for your near & dear ones. Kitchen gadgets have been the most popular ones in this genre since the beginning of the time owing to its basic necessity. And just o elaborate further owning a garbage disposer makes lives happier & cleaner. To be precise, the kitchen is free from hodge-podge.

On a general note the kitchen is the most neatly kept zone of homes. Owning the right garbage disposer can really work wonders in the kitchen. There are two types of garbage disposers based on their feed type; Batch feed and continuous feed. For a batch feed disposal, the food wastes are processed in batches, you throw in whatever leftovers you have and once the disposal is full you close the lid and switch on the motor. Of course, every product has its own advantages & cons which are very well unfolded as under:


1. Explicit multi-grinding activity: Batch feed garbage disposers do have the capacity to stir up a larger portion of waste in one go. So it makes the best use of time & energy. The multitude at which it churns up the waste is phenomenal.

2. Safety: You cannot end up getting injured with batch type feeder disposer, the reason being the squashing up of the waste won’t start until you close the lid of the disposer. So you can be doubly sure of what goes inside the disposer after closing the lid.


1. Can't process large quantities of wastes: Though batch feed type garbage disposals have more capacity than continuous feed type disposals they cannot grind more wastes than their chamber capacity in a single cycle. In such cases, you will have to fill the chamber, complete grinding and then fill the other batch and so on.

2. Limited models to choose from: As compared to the batch feed type disposer, continuous feed type disposers are way too popular considering the sales graph. So naturally, there aren't many models available for batch feed type disposals.

Although Batch type garbage disposers are not as popular as the other type they are great if you don't have large quantities of food wastes to dispose of every day.

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